Percussion Workshop + Toot Flutes

29th September 2018

Saturday afternoon saw the first of what, we hope, will be many more workshops to take place at the LeVii Academy; and we were over the moon that so many people came to attend.

Alex Smith, our resident drum tutor, began the day by finding out what the children knew about percussion instruments and was met by some impressive answers from such young participants. This was then followed by an exploration of the body as a percussive instrument through clapping games, African rhythms and even beat boxing!

While everyone was getting their breath back, Shuojun Xing serenaded us all with a beautiful rendition of pieces from Harry Potter, Peter and the Wolf and a traditional Chinese song translated as: Shepherd Boy and Piccolo.

The day finished with everyone getting up to try out the school’s new electronic drum kit, toot flutes and recorders.