Spring Concert 2018

Our latest concert, which was also the first student performance of 2018, was called "Voice of Spring". Since the concert was held during the Chinese Lunar New Year, the repertoire held plenty of oriental elements. A student named Yang, who has been studying the violin for a few months, said "Attending small concerts like this provides us with opportunities to perform and gain stage experience. It also prepares us for larger audiences and bigger stages." Likewise, a Mrs. Zheng, who had witnessed her daughter's exceptional performance during the concert stated, "My daughter has studied music for almost a year. Attending concerts like this makes her more confident and increases her interest in music. It also allows her to have professional communications with other students and make new friends. I really like these kinds of concerts!"

The main characteristic of our school is that we hold concerts regularly. We believe that every musician's goal is to display their talents in front of an audience; therefore, beginning on day 1, we prepare our students to achieve this goal.