Terms and conditions

All students must read and accept the LeVii Academy Terms and Conditions. Failure to respect these will result in cancellation of lessons and may be non-refundable.

Course Fees

● All course fees are available to view at www.leviiacademy.com and are subject to change.

Lesson Payment

● LeVii Academy music courses are purchased either as individual lessons or in blocks of 10.
● Group lessons are purchased in blocks of 7 with two 30 minute individual instrument lessons included.
● Lesson lengths can be 30 or 45 minutes and prices will vary accordingly.
● Lesson fees must be paid within the time specified by the academy.
● LeVii has the right to cancel the course contracts for overdue payments.

Cancellation Policy

● Cancellations must be carried out NO LESS THAN FIVE DAYS prior to the first scheduled class; LeVii Academy will charge 10% of the course fee as service charge and return the remaining fees.
● Cancellations any time AFTER 5 DAYS prior to the first lesson, including once the course has started will result in loss of the entire course fee.

Lesson Absence

● Lesson tutors must be notified of absences at least 24 hours before the lesson start time.
● Students are allowed 2 absences during each course cycle (10 lessons) which must be accompanied with a valid reason.
● Lessons will not be rescheduled or reimbursed in case of unauthorised absences or notification of absences less than 24 hours prior to the lesson start time.
● Any group lesson missed will not be rearranged and is non-refundable.

Opening hours

● Academy teaching hours are from: 09:00-21:00 Monday to Sunday.
● Office opening hours are from: 10:00-17:00 Monday to Friday.
● For Christmas and Easter breaks, please refer to our official website or social media platform.


● Students should be punctual for their classes.
● Lateness may result in the shortening of lesson length.
● Parents are encouraged to accompany young learners during initial lessons in order to understand about the learning.

Change of Address/Contact Information

● Any change of address or contact information during the study period should be provided to the LeVii Academy as soon as possible for our records.


● All instruments belonging to the LeVii Academy must be used with care and respect.
● Any person inflicting damage on the Academy’s instruments will be required to pay the full cost of repairs or the original price of the instrument for replacement.

Behaviour and Conduct

● Any inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated within the Academy.
● LeVii Academy has the right to cancel any remaining lessons the student has outstanding without any refund.

Practice and Homework

● Each teacher instructs how much practice/homework is ideal for each student.
● Once practice/homework has been set it will be expected to be done by the following lesson unless stated otherwise.
● Parents of young learners are encouraged to be involved in their students practice, creating a set time for practicing each day.

LeVii Academy holds the final right to interpret the above terms.